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DXC Technology | August 31, 2017

Modernize Applications

Modern digital applications empower organizations to be agile and cost efficient. The right approach accelerates digital transformation, unlocks data and prepares organizations for future success. It all starts with a strategy that guides the enterprise through development, modernization, transformation, integration and management.

Inside Digital Health Platforms
By taking an approach based on a new reference architecture for a digital health platform, even the most complex and heterogeneous of health IT ecosystems can overcome challenges.
Read More | March 6, 2018

New smartphone app lets U.S. Army recruiters go mobile
A new cross-platform app is helping U.S. Army recruiters access candidate records and track communications on-the-go via their smartphones.
Read More | February 5, 2018

Application-Centric Transformation for the Digital Age
Modern offices are rethinking how they handle even the most basic processes, and re-engineering their IT capabilities to support new ideas.
Read More | October 18, 2017

Courts transformed: the future of mobility in the judicial system
Mobile devices are transforming industries. Is the U.S. court system next?
Read More | June 22, 2017

Leading DevOps as a High-Impact Cultural Movement
How can leaders break down silos and create excitement for major change?
Read More | June 2, 2017

Mobile Parolee Management Solution Wins in San Diego, Then Goes Viral
DXC Technology's Probation Utility Mobile Application (PUMA) helps officers in San Diego manage their ever-increasing caseloads.
Read More | May 18, 2017

Application Transformation: Accelerating the New Face of Government
Legacy IT systems are hindering government agencies’ ability to efficiently respond to citizen needs, regulatory standards and agency goals, and can cost millions to maintain.
Read More | April 19, 2017