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DXC Technology | August 31, 2017

Run Business in the Cloud

Agile cloud services spur innovation. To succeed in the digital world, organizations must eliminate the constraints of their IT infrastructures. Cloud makes this possible. A strategic cloud investment can unify disparate applications, simplify access, streamline processes and secure the entire organization. It’s a key step on the path to digital transformation.

Five Reasons Managed Cloud Services Should be Part of Your Hybrid Strategy
By utilizing and trusting a provider’s expertise, organizations can better-ensure that their IT capabilities are operating effectively.
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Enabling the Enterprise through Hybrid Cloud
The evolution of the hybrid cloud platform represents good news for IT departments attempting to address an accelerating pace of change with a sprawling, complex and aging IT estate.
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How Hybrid IT Can Transform Government
Today, it’s not enough to operate in a digital environment. The role of an IT services organization is evolving from “IT shop” to mission partner, aligning technology with agency goals.
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