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DXC Technology | January 17, 2018

Navigating the change to evergreen mobility and cloud-based solutions

Authority to operate (ATO) certification and accreditation processes are important to keep an organization safe and secure, but they can also take months to complete. Today, so-called evergreen solutions are constantly updating, providing new features, experiences and functions with each update. Organizations should not have to wait months for each individual update to be ATO certified to use the new tools.

As more and more organizations turn to these evergreen solutions — Microsoft Office 365, for example, updates every day and sometimes multiple times a day — ATO policies need to be able to keep up. Managing change in a constantly-evolving world is central to an organization’s ability to remain efficient and effective. How can leaders close the natural divide between evergreen, cloud-based solutions and their ATO policy?

Learn how a holistic approach can help organizations take better advantage of evergreen tools here.

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