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Evan Salop and Andrew Slapp | DXC Technology | May 14, 2018

The evolution of AI: 7 lessons learned for effective implementation

The role that artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in the technology sector is rapidly expanding. Organizations around the world are using AI to enhance user experiences, improve productivity and increase consistency. Discovering how and where to start integrating AI into your organizations is complicated, and it can take time before organizations can see the value.

Read the full article to discover these lessons that you can use to help your organization implement AI effectively:

  1. Be clear on the value 
  2. Give yourself permission to rethink business processes 
  3. Organizational buy in is key to success 
  4. Outline a value roadmap early
  5. Be user driven and technology supported
  6. Training is iterative 
  7. Capabilities are rapidly evolving

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