GovExec Staff | October 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

Agency Jobs Watch: Education Offers Buyouts and Early Retirement

This list was updated on Oct. 30 with information from the Education Department.  

The Office of Management and Budget has lifted President Trump’s hiring freeze for federal agencies, freeing them to take a more “surgical” approach to downsizing and reshaping their workforces. OMB does not plan to micromanage the efforts, instead allowing agencies to draft their own “high-level” reform plans. In September, after discussions with OMB’s Resource Management Offices, agencies submitted their final reform plans and long-term strategies for workforce cuts as part of their fiscal 2019 budget proposals.

How have agencies responded to this new freedom? Some are voluntarily extending the hiring freeze until they can get their bearings and have more budget certainty. Others have already decided to offer buyouts. And at least one large department plans to reorganize without cutting its workforce.

Below is a look at how agencies are approaching workforce changes. We will continue to update this list as we get new information. Please use the comment section at the bottom to let us know if we’ve missed any activity at your agency.

Buyouts/Early Retirement

Hiring Freeze Extension