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These Are the 15 Trump Reorganization Proposals Agencies Can Advance Without Congress

Andrew Harnik/AP

The Trump administration has maintained that it can move forward with many of the proposals in its reorganization plan on its own without congressional approval, though with a few exceptions, it has yet to detail exactly which items it will push unilaterally.

The administration has told Congress it is still reviewing exactly what will require legislation and what it can accomplish on its own, but has estimated there are 10-12 proposals that the White House could institute without legislation. Congress has already taken some steps to prevent any unilateral reorganization activity, though it also has taken preliminary steps to advance legislation that would authorize expedited approval of reform efforts.

In a report dated in July but made public by the Federation of American Scientists this week, the Congressional Research Service analyzed each of the 32 reorganization proposals the White House unveiled in June. In most cases, CRS found that a lack of details from the administration made it difficult to fully assess how the reforms might be implemented. Exactly which agencies would absorb which functions, how they would be funded and the management details of specific programs remain unclear, the researchers said.  

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Still, CRS dove into existing legislation to determine which proposals would likely require further congressional action, and which the administration could advance on its own. All told, CRS found 19 proposals that would likely require legislation, while 15 could at least mostly proceed administratively (the researchers broke some of the proposals out into their component pieces resulting in the two extra proposals in CRS' tally).

Likely Requires Legislation

Likely Can Be Accomplished Without Legislation

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article listed the wrong parent agency of FDA