Ross Gianfortune | January 5, 2017 | 0 Comments

Play of the Day: Trump's (Lack Of) Trust in the U.S. Intelligence Apparatus

As has been tradition, ex-presidents and their wives will attend president-elect Donald Trump's inauguration in Washington on Jan. 20. That includes Bill and Hillary Clinton, the losing family in the November election. Late Show's Stephen Colbert tied the news to jokes about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote and even mentioned her husband's likely attraction to the female-led protest happening in D.C. the following day.

Trump and the intelligence agencies he will soon lead as president are not as copacetic as many expected, with Trump and his surrogates criticizing past performance of the intelligence community during the runup to the Iraq War during the campaign. Since his election, Trump has continued to criticize the intelligence agencies by questioning their credibility on the analysis of the Russian interference with the November election. Colbert joked about Trump's use of sarcasm quotes in a tweet this week, while Jimmy Kimmel joked that the Trump camp's claims that they have a plan and their own intelligence sources is the same as a teenage boy saying he has a mysterious "girlfriend in Canada."