Ross Gianfortune | February 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

Play of the Day: Trump and Abe Share a Powerful Handshake

Last week, President Donald Trump tweeted "SEE YOU IN COURT" after he was dealt a court defeat over his immigration executive order. Saturday Night Live's Michael Che joked about the reaction, saying Trump is like a man who got beat up in an alley, yelling "Let's take this outside!"

Japanese Prime Minister Shinz┼Ź Abe was in the United States over the weekend meeting with Trump and the two shared an awkward handshake -- a Trump staple -- on Friday. Fox News' Greg Gutfeld joked that Trump broke Abe's hand, while Real Time's Bill Maher noted that Abe rolled his eyes after the 18-second long demonstration. Last Week Tonight's John Oliver said Abe's eyeroll "encapsulated the way many of us feel right now," noting Abe comes from a culture with many awkwardly long formal displays of respect.