Ross Gianfortune | June 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Play of the Day: The Benefits of the Trump Loyalty Card

Melania and Barron Trump moved into the White House over the weekend after Barron finished up the school year in New York. Jimmy Kimmel joked about the move saying Donald Trump was able to convince his wife to move to D.C. by replacing Michelle Obama's vegetable garden with a Bergdorf Goodman store.

Last week's James Comey hearing remains a main topic on late-night shows. Last Week Tonight's John Oliver joked about the one-on-one dinner Comey described, saying at least Trump didn't "try the ol' 'hole-in-a-bucket-of-popcorn' trick" while Kimmel got the infamous dinner confused with another big recent news story. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Kimmel keyed in on the supposed loyalty Trump asked of Comey and his show's staff put together an ad for the fictional "Trump Loyalty Card." Its perks include free Ted Nugent concert tickets, one-on-one dinners you'll want to write about and, of course, some added fees.