Ross Gianfortune | July 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

Play of the Day: Trump Jr. Explains Himself

The swirl around Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer continues to build, with late-night television continuing to eviscerate the president's son. After a Washington Post story quoted a White House official defending Trump Jr., Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about his Internet-famous photo shoot.

Trump Jr. appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity on Tuesday night to explain himself, providing fodder for late-night comedians. Trump Jr. told Hannity that he couldn't "help what someone sends me. I read it, I responded accordingly," prompting Jimmy Kimmel to suggest Trump Jr. could be the victim of a Nigerian prince email scam. The president's son also explained himself by saying "this is 13 months ago before, I think, the rest of the world was talking about that, trying to build up this narrative about Russia," prompting The Daily Show's Trevor Noah to make a colorful analogy about the rumored cause of HIV/AIDS.