Ross Gianfortune | March 12, 2018

Play of the Day: More on the North Korea Talks

According to reports, President Donald Trump's wife Melania secured her entry into the United States via a program reserved for people with “extraordinary ability,” which is sometimes called the "Einstein Visa." Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about the news, showing modeling photos of Melania and joking about the state of the Trumps' marriage.

Trump announced last week that he and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un will hold talks this spring to discuss nuclear deescalation between the Hermit Kingdom and the United States. Late-night hosts joked about the two leaders' command of language, with The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon saying Kim and Trump will have two months to learn English, while Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost joked that the translators will start every response with "Well, what I think he said is…"

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